Friday, June 7, 2013

All Along

Have I posted this before? I want to share my favorite song. Or should I say the theme song of my life. I love my Lord for He's always there for me no matter how many times I fall...I know He loves me more, He loves me so much, and He's willing to transform me, change me, and conform me into His image, every time I come to Him and ask for His help.


Time just drifts away and as I look back on the years
Many years of happiness and bitter tears
Through it all there was a common thread that cannot be ingnored
You were there teaching me to be your servant, Lord

All along Your hand has been guiding me,
shaping my life to be a beautiful song
All along You've led me through 
the things that you do would make me strong
Your love has been there all along.

Every joy and pain has a reason of its own
Now I realize that I was not alone
The changing seasons of my life were not lift up to change
Lord I know you were working to fulfill Your plan.

Repeat Chorus

Tomorrow if I turn around and I look back at today
I will understand your purpose and my grateful heart will say...

Repeat Chorus

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