Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christian Music Lyrics: A World We Never Touch

Sometimes Christians tend to focus too much on ''spiritual rules and regulations'. People tend to argue even about smallest doctrinal issues, splitting up with those who don't have the same belief about a certain matter. We tend to emphasize separation and create our own 'Christian world'. Yes, we reach out to others, leading them to the church, teaching them the Bible and what God wants them to do. But sometimes we forget the very essence of reaching the lost. 

God's first commandment is to love him with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our mind. The second is to love thy neighbor as thyself. Yet we, striving diligently on working for the ministry, forget the basic commandments God really wants us to follow. And that is to love. Love God and show others the love that we receive from Him. 

How can we show them the way if we'll see them as sinners and not as ones who are lost and helpless, needing the salvation and love coming from our Savior Jesus Christ? I believe this phrase in the second verse, "Sometimes the Word of God can pass through just a simple touch", is very true. This song is about reaching the lost and truly caring for their souls. 

First Verse
He walked along the shores of Galilee
From clay He formed the healing balm
That caused the blind to see
When stones of wrath lay heavy in their hands
He knelt to write His mercy in the sand

Jesus came to set the captives free
Showed us by the way He lived
The way we need to be
Oh love is more than words could ever say
We must touch them with compassion
To help them find their way


How can we reach a world we never touch?
How can we show them Christ
If we never show them love?
Just to say we care will never be enough
How can we reach a world we never touch?

Second Verse
Could we be so busy being saved
Trying to impress a world that's long since lost its way
We pride ourselves in being set apart
Yet we don't have time to touch a broken heart

Even if we found the time to care
Would we take the risk involved in always being there
Oh we hold the very thing they need so much
Sometimes the Word of life can pass
Through just a simple touch


We hide behind these walls
And the security of friends
While beyond the stained glass windows
The world is lost in sin

I don't know what will happen tomorrow. Surely, I will face another life's challenges in different areas of my life as usual. Maybe tomorrow will be more difficult than ordinary days. I may experience sadness and pain. But I know there's a God who will never leave. He holds tomorrow. He molds my life. He has already weaved my story beforehand. So whatever happens, I know it's part of His plan. God never makes mistakes. He never does anything without a purpose. If I hurt, it's His will. But one thing I will always remember: God will never leave me nor forsake me.