Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thank You List

Today, I am thankful for...

1. God's everlasting love for me-- He makes me feel so cherished, no one cares like Him. He is the only one who has always been there for me no matter what happens. He forgives me of my sins...and gives me new hope, new chance to live.

2. peace only God can give me-- I may be troubled, but the Lord sustains me. With Him I can rest, for I know He's there.

3. a new refreshing day, a day to be with Him and feel His presence

4. a long time to talk with Him, to discover how much He loves me

5. my Bible-- I don't know what will happen to me if I don't have it.

6. Leslie Ludy's "Authentic Beauty"-- This one has been a blessing for me.

7. our new housekeeper (the one who guards our house while everyone's away)...she's sweet

8. lovely pink orchid flowers I bought for a cheap price

9. my childhood friend, Sarha: She offered help. I'm thankful.

10. online Christian bloggers-- Though I lack friends right now who would be interested talking about God, reading their blogs makes me feel like there is still someone out there whom I can talk with.

11. that person who resembles Christ in my life--- I have never told you how I truly feel, but I am so thankful I have always wanted to do something for you...maybe someday, with God's help.

12. challenges and trials--- without these I wouldn't realize how faithful God is

13. Christian music--- play whenever I can't control myself...then pray hard.

14. electric fan--- you made me feel comfortable, despite the humidity this afternoon

15. satisfying food-- because I'm home, I don't have to worry about food expenses. hehe

16. few women out there who stand for God. I ma not know you personally, but you inspire me.

17. God's reminders...

18. books-- it's a pleasure to read them

19. Sis. Vanessa-- you know there's still someone out there, with her friendly smile.

20. my family--- somehow they help mold me into a lady.